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you are just playing random videos of girls and there is no real people in this site

Try to bring in real people instead of playing videos

vignesh , 24.03.2013, 01:36
Idea status: under consideration


umerfarooq, 05.04.2013, 03:54
i would like to sex with girls it is my hobby and whant to sex with her
Andy, 22.07.2013, 13:22
It seems that today, wowchat has decided to either pay some girls to dance and act sexy on cam or are just playing us recordings of girls. Either way it annoying, I'm guess that they're just try another method to get us to part with cash.

Wowchat use to do this but then stopped which was a result. I guess the money wasn't coming in so they're trying again.

Very disappointing!
lmhmzm, 16.01.2014, 11:12
john, 15.01.2016, 18:10
wowchat is run by a bunch of cocksucking money grabbing cunts. take your money and show you videos instead of real people. i wish the people who own wowchat have really bad luck in their lives. i wish their children get burned to death when their house catches fire. i wish their mother gets cancer and dies. i wish their wife gets aids after getting raped
tired of them , 14.05.2016, 08:08
they are thieves and one day they will send out squads to punish all lying cocksuking thieves on internet and ill be on that squad d squad for civil justice by the people ,who wants to join ???

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