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i have purchased VIP account but i am able to see only males in the chat room. why is so..?:(

when i am logging as a guest i can see many girls in the room but when i am logging as a VIP user i can only see males in the chat room. Please resolve if there is any issue

vivek , 06.10.2013, 18:41
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5501828, 26.10.2014, 11:34
can you please sort this all out for me please, have paid for vip but dont seem to be getting it , keeps thinking iam a guest ,put the codes in and it still thinks the same ,it came on as a vip the first time i used it for 2 hours then no more,cannot talk to who i want to my ID. IS 50124080. thank you
steve32xxx, 10.12.2014, 07:25
i have same issue, i purchases VIP, it was working then when i log out and then logged back in , it didnt show VIP but Guest , whyyyy ?
müller, 28.12.2014, 20:36
how is my vip i have pay and i have no vip 30 days way?You successfully bought VIP account for 30 days
i have pay whis my credid card
charls , 13.02.2015, 22:26
i am VIP but i can't to anybody. its so wasted help me...
fata, 09.05.2015, 16:57
because you are gay
john, 14.08.2015, 00:35
before i paid for vip most of the 'online users' were women but as soon as i paid for vip most of them disappeared and there was about 4 women and 500 men showing. not happy
anon, 09.09.2015, 12:03
that were only videos they tricked you
john, 15.01.2016, 18:14
i cant see anyone in the chat room when i log in but i can see the first and second page of people (mainly girls) when i am not logged in. them cunts at wowchat have took my money and ripped me off so for that reason i wish their kids dead. i wish their mother gets cancer and dies from it. i wish their wife gets raped and catches aids. you take my money and con me you russian bastards i wish you pain and suffering

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